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Corporate Financial Management

Interim Financial Management

Bissets can provide your company with a service that will bring hands on support and clearer focus to your company’s decision making processes. The areas where Bissets can support you are:

  • Developing and supporting you in implementing your growth strategy.
  • Evaluating the financial and commercial impact of key decisions on your business and how they will impact on future profitability.
  • Advising on acquiring businesses and assisting in the post-acquisition integration.
  • Assisting in negotiations with bankers and venture capitalists.
  • Preparing and reviewing your management accounts on a monthly basis and monitoring the actual results against budgets.
  • Evaluating your systems, both financial and operational, as the company grows to ensure they continue to meet today’s requirements as well as meet your company’s future plans.
  • Reviewing major contracts with customers or suppliers.
  • Assisting in devising the appropriate management structures and rewards to assist the Company grow.


This is not a comprehensive list but a flavour of the areas where we can be of help. The nature of support to be provided will depend on the stage the company is at in its development and the level of skills inherent within the business. The key difference is Bissets provides hands on, practical support on a weekly or monthly basis.

The level of service required will depend on each company’s individual needs, however, Bissets would recommend a minimum of 2 days per month. These days will be worked on your premises. In addition, your adviser will be contactable by telephone outwith the agreed site visits to deal with unforeseen issues as they arise. Additional time can be arranged to deal with one off projects.

The key to the success of our appointment is in us developing a detailed understanding of your business and building a relationship with your management team.

Your company will receive regular site visits, as the key to the success of this service is the hands on approach and maintaining a detailed understanding of your business. Often traditional accountancy practices promise regular attention but the reality is you only see your accountant once a year.

The purpose of this service is to provide you with assistance and advice on making the day to day decisions and help you drive their business forward.

How the Service Works

How the service will work will very much depend on your businesses needs and underlying skills. However, for the Finance Director Service to be most effective the following basic level of support will always be undertaken:

Initial Review

  • Develop a detailed understanding of the business through discussions with all senior management and review all relevant financial and other information.
  • Review and improve (where necessary) the financial reporting structures.
  • Develop/improve a forecasting model, normally projecting 3 years into the future – this is an imperative tool for proper planning.

Monthly Service

  • Preparation (where necessary) and review of monthly management accounts, including monitoring against budgets and prior year results. This will include a formal written report presented in person to the management team.
  • Update the financial forecasts for the month’s results and decisions taken that will have an impact on future results.

Annual Service

  • Preparation (where necessary) and review of the annual budget.
  • Evaluation of your company’s strategy.
  • Update the 3 year forecasts.

With these fundamental financial controls in place, you will be far better placed to evaluate the impact decisions and events have on your business.