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Corporate Financial Management

Accounting Systems Recovery

For most businesses, their accounting systems work well but very occasionally they can fail. This is likely to occur when:

  • implementing a new system
  • there is a change in accounting staff
  • the existing accounting system outgrows its capacity
  • a new business is acquired

These are very dangerous times for businesses as the loss of financial information inevitably results in management having to taking decisions without all the relevant information.

Resolving these problems is time consuming and the internal accountant often does not have the time or experience to allow him to do this. Bissets have staff, with commercial experience, who can fix accounting systems that have failed.

What about data recovery?

Bissets are experienced at tracking down the problems and finding solutions. This service is not about recovering data – that is the job of IT specialist. It is the reintroduction of fundamental accounting controls and the production of management information.